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Fetch 5.1.1 釋出

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Fetch 5.1.1

Mac OS X Universal Binary我們在昨天提到了以 Fetch 上傳大型檔案的問題解決方式。Fetch Softworks 今天則釋出了 Fetch 5.1.1,這是對 Fetch 5.1 所進行的更新,之前 5.1 版是在今年六月釋出的。

Fetch 5.1.1 修正了許多問題,我們建議所有 Fetch 使用者更新至此最新的版本。我們也向 Fetch Softworks 詢問並確認了上傳大型檔案的問題 (如我們昨天提及的內容) 並未在此次釋出的版本中修正。使用者若是遇到上傳大型檔案的問題時,可能仍須採用該暫時的解決方式。

Fetch 5 界面
What's new in this version:
  • Added support for SOCKS 5 password authentication
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Fetch from opening on case-sensitive file systems
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Fetch from opening on Mac OS X 10.3.9 when the BSD subsystem wasn't installed
  • Fixed problems importing shortcut files that include broken shortcuts
  • Fixed recent connections so they won't remember passwords that are not stored in the keychain
  • Fixed widget crash on some Intel-based Macintosh computers (including Mac Pros and iMac Core 2 Duos)
  • Fixed crash in Get Specified Fetch Items action on some Intel-based Macintosh computers (including Mac Pros and iMac Core 2 Duos)
  • Some Mac Pros shipped with Mac OS X 10.4.7 Build 8K1079, which includes a bug that causes Fetch 5.1 to crash when you open a connection; affected Mac Pros need to be upgraded to Mac OS X 10.4.8 in order to run Fetch 5.1.1 or later
  • Fixed inaccurate display of size of newly uploaded files when using SFTP
  • Fixed problems with the Upload Files action in Swedish
  • Fixed layout problems with the Rename Fetch Items action in Spanish
  • Fixed tab navigation in Set Fetch Item Permissions action
  • Fixed widget problems on Mac OS X Leopard Developer Preview
  • Fixed potential crash when editing hostnames in shortcut list windows
  • Fixed potential crash when setting URLs of shortcuts via AppleScript
  • Fixed crash when typing in a blank shortcut list window
  • Fixed inaccurate font size display for new shortcut list windows
  • Changed new shortcuts created with Make Shortcut to default to kind Folder, instead of kind Unknown
  • Added skEdit as a supported text editor
  • Fixed a problem that caused some GoLive files to be stuffed on upload
  • Fixed drawing problems with some toolbar buttons when reducing transfer window width
  • Fixed a problem where a Mirror document was saved with incorrect information after switching between local and remote tabs
  • Fixed a problem where the incorrect folder could be mirrored after switching between local and remote tabs
  • Fixed problems duplicating shortcut list windows with AppleScript

Fetch 5.1.1 可從 Fetch Softworks 下載。Fetch 5.1.1 的價格為 US$25,Fetch 5 的使用者可免費升級,而 Fetch 4 的使用者則需 US$15 進行升級。

link 1: Fetch 5.1 (Fetch Softworks)
link 2: Fetch 的上傳問題 (applewoods, 3 Oct 2006)
link 3: Fetch 5.1 釋出 (applewoods, 13 June 2006)
link 4: Fetch 5.1.1 released (MacCentre701)


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