iTunes 10.6.1


Apple 釋出 iTunes 的更新;iTunes 10.6.1 的更新解決了在播放視訊、更改格狀顯示方式的封面大小、同步照片到裝置時,程式會意外結束的問題,同時也修復程式在同步到 iPod nano 或 iPod shuffle 無回應的問題。

• Fixes several issues that may cause iTunes to unexpectedly quit while playing videos, changing artwork size in Grid view, and syncing photos to devices.
• Addresses an issue where some iTunes interface elements are incorrectly described by VoiceOver and WindowEyes.
• Fixes a problem where iTunes may become unresponsive while syncing iPod nano or iPod shuffle.
• Resolves an ordering problem while browsing TV episodes in your iTunes library on Apple TV.

關於此次更新的安全性資訊,可以參考 Apple 的知識庫文章,Mac 使用者可透過系統的軟體更新直接下載,或稍候從下載項目網頁上取得新版本。