iOS 5 的相機和照片功能

iOS 5 即將在秋天推出,其中的相機和照片編輯的操作和功能在 iPhone、iPad 和 iPod touch 上都有所提升,Macworld 對這些新功能做了初步介紹,喜歡用 iPhone 拍照的玩家們,可以先賭為快,瞧瞧這些實用的 “新” 功能,包括直接在鎖定畫面上取用相機、加大音量鍵充當快門鍵 (還記得 Red Pop?),另外還有輔助格線、曝光/自動對焦鎖定…

On the whole, these new features look useful but not groundbreaking. The Lock Screen access and new shutter button features will go a long way to making the iPhone more like a real camera. The ability to make new folders, and Photo Stream are huge time savers for photo management. But the other features being rolled out are already available through third-party apps, so their usefulness depends on how you use your camera.


Red Pop 還給你拍照的快門鍵

不少人習慣拿著 iPhone 四處拍,但總覺得少了以往那種按下快門按鈕的樂趣和拍照的真實感,在螢幕上操作拍照的動作已不怎麼真實;Red Pop 讓你的 iPhone 不再錯失每個精采的瞬間,把那顆關鍵的按鈕還給你!

Red Pop adds a big red button to your iPhone camera so you never miss the moment and that perfect shot.