Steven 的 Axiotron ModBook 產品評論

Panic 的開發人員之一 Steven Frank 訂購了一台 Axiotron ModBook,前兩天抵達辦公室,同時寫了篇產品評論,包含軟硬體的說明與心得。
硬體部份稍微比較了 MacBook Air 和 Windows 的平板電腦;軟體部份除了完整的 Mac OS X 套裝軟體外,還有一些額外的程式,如 QuickClicks、inkBookCircus Ponies NoteBook 和 GPS 程式。有興趣的朋友可以前往閱讀他的評論。

But if you do any work at all with digital art, it is an extremely compelling offering that I don’t see Apple themselves providing any time in the near future. Sitting comfortably in screen size between Wacom’s 12″ and 20″ Cintiq displays, which require a connection to a host computer, the ModBook is a liberating tool that you can take anywhere and toil away on your masterpiece. A first of its kind for Mac-dom.

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