Plagiarius Awards

copycat_germany_awards.jpg模仿是最真誠的讚美?!德國設計界設立的「最佳抄襲獎」(Plagiarius Awards) 公佈 2008 得獎名單

Admittedly, there is no progress and development without referring to already existing patterns, ideas and rules. However what counts is the willingness to develop the existing and give it an individual and distinctive style. The imitators pursue one goal only: to profit at the expense of the hard work of others – and this affects the creatives and the consumers likewise.

各領域皆然,OS 雷同語言與顛倒,還有吳淡如……模仿是最真誠的讚美,心情會好一些。
link 1: The Prizewinners of the Plagiarius-Competition 2008 (
link 2: 2008 年最佳抄襲獎 模仿=讚美? (聯合新聞網)



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