Page One 一次給你一整頁

當我們在瀏覽一些網站 (尤其是新聞網站) 時,常會發現一篇完整的報導或文章被分成了好幾頁,因此必須一頁一頁點選下去才能繼續閱讀;Page One 這個 Safari 的擴充套件 (也有 Chrome 版),可以讓瀏覽器用單一頁面來顯示好幾頁的內容,不中斷你的閱讀動作。

Page One meanwhile leaves the site design in place (in most cases), letting you see the article’s entire content without breaking from the site’s browsing experience. You don’t have to take any action to trigger Page One’s functionality, either. It makes its changes silently so that you’re getting full content as part of your casual browsing.