ShuBook 書僕

ShuBook 書僕是圖書資源十分豐富的書籍閱讀軟體,支援通用格式 (如 epub、txt、pdb/updb),也可讓讀者自己加入書籍內容;支援中日韓等亞洲語系的直排文書和簡繁轉換 (讓圖書來源更廣),有別於英文書籍閱讀軟體,ShuBook 把中文書籍的需求考量在內。

    • Hanzi characteristic: read in an elegant vertical layout view of Chinese, Japanese and Korean text with a mix of Han characters, hiragana, katakana, and/or hangul
    • Chinese characteristic: instantaneous “one-touch conversion” between Simplified Chinese (SC) and Traditional Chinese (TC). Read the book in its original flavor, or in your preferred translated version with the added advantages 

免費電子書:Photoshop Anthology

時間有限,您可以在 免費下載 Corrie Haffly 的電子書,全彩印刷,共 278 頁,分別提供了高、低解析度兩種版本;下載時間約還有 18 天又 16 小時。

The Photoshop Anthology: 101 Web Design Tips, Tricks & Techniques is the ultimate Photoshop compendium for web designers.
It’s brimming with tried and tested real-world Photoshop solutions that will add impact to your next web design project. If you’ve ever been stuck for inspiration, have puzzled over just how to create a shiny aqua-style button, or wanted to create that seamlessly tiling background image you saw on a site recently, you need download this book.

link: Free eBook: Photoshop Antholody (SitePoint Books)

Take Control 的 Tiger 系列電子書

Macworld 網站在這裡介紹了 TidBits Electronic Publishing 出版的 Take Control 系列電子書,每本價錢不算貴,大多是 5 元美金,多本電子書合購還有折扣,這類介紹性書籍對 Mac 老手或系統高手來說,實用性或許不高,但對於剛接觸麥金塔系統的朋友,或許是個淺顯易懂的認識書籍或導引手冊 (不過內容為英文,因此讀者要能不排斥…不然就是得等台灣地區的 Tiger 相關書籍出版);Macworld 提供了一篇 Take Control of Customizing Tiger: Put Spotlight to work for you 的文摘,有興趣的可以看看!