Clear 讓你重新看待生活中的大小事


我們在一月底提到Clear,今天正式在 App Store 上架了。

The Brooks Review 是這樣描述的:

There is literally no UI chrome in Clear. No status bar, tabs — hell there aren’t even any buttons in the app. The entire app is driven by gestures, movements, and taps.

MacStories 也提到了它的特點:

The components of Clear are very sharp. The interface is crisp, the experience is stellar, and everything is fluid. Despite the spartan interface, there is a certain richness that strictly dedicates Clear to Apple’s hardware. I do not think Clear would work on Android for example.

沒有狀態列、沒有標籤頁,也沒有任何按鈕,全靠手勢、拖移和點按的動作來進行操作;在市場上已經有這麼多待辦事項或事務規劃軟體的情況下,Clear 用一種新概念讓你重新看待你生活中的大小事。

你不一定要拿 Clear 來取代原有的待辦事項軟體,但 Clear 是個值得一試的生活事務隨身幫手。限時特價,0.99 美元。