iPhone 和 iPad 適用的 AirPort 工具程式

Apple 釋出 iPhone 和 iPad 適用的 AirPort 工具程式,讓你直接從 iPad、iPhone 或 iPod touch 來管理 Wi-Fi 網路和 AirPort 基地台。

See a graphical overview of your Wi-Fi network and devices. Change base station and network settings, or manage advanced features such as security modes, wireless channels, and more.

程式提供清楚明瞭的網路與裝置圖,讓你更改基地台與網路設定和一些進階功能。換句話說,你可能不需要 Mac 或 Windows PC 才能設定網路了。

Time Capsule 具備 2TB 容量

Time Capsule
Apple 將 Time Capsule 的容量加倍到 2TB,提供更多的儲存空間或備份空間供 Apple 內建的 Time Machine 運用。
新的 Time Capsule 具備 2TB 容量,價格為 499 美元,而 1TB 的機型則降價到 299 美元
Time Capsule 首次現身是在 2008 年一月,而在 2009 年三月,Time Machine (連同 AirPort Extreme 基地台) 具備同時雙波段 (2.4GHz 與 5GHz 波段)與訪客網路共享的功能。
產品編號 Time Capsule 1TB 為 MB765LL/A,Time Capsule 2TB 為 MB996LL/A
link 1: Apple 推出 Time Capsule (applewoods, Jan 2008)
link 2: 新 AirPort Extreme 與 Time Capsule 同時使用雙波段 (applewoods, March 2009)

Time Capsule 與 AirPort 基地台韌體更新至 7.4.2

AirPort Utility

Apple 為 AirPort Extreme 基地台Time Capsule 基地台釋出了韌體更新,版本升級至 7.4.2。
Apple 提到:

The Time Capsule, AirPort Extreme, and AirPort Express Base Station with 802.11n* Firmware 7.4.2 update provides several fixes, including:
Fixes some problems with extending and maintaining connectivity with extended networks
Fixes an issue with clients that enable 802.11 “Power Save”
Fixes connectivity issues with some third-party devices
Fixes an issue when the base station is configured for PPPoE
Fixes some Back To My Mac issues with connectivity and support for third-party routers
It is recommended that AirPort Utility 5.4.2 or later be installed before upgrading to Firmware version 7.4.2.


AirPort 基地台更新項目 2008-002

AirPort Utility
Apple 釋出 AirPort 基地台更新項目 2008-002 供 Mac OS X Leopard 使用者進行更新。Leopard 適用的 AirPort 工具程式 5.3.2 亦包含在此更新項目中。

The AirPort Base Station Update 2008-002 includes general fixes and compatibility updates for the following applications:
– AirPort Utility
– AirPort Base Station Agent

您可從 Apple Support Download 頁面或系統內建的“軟體更新”取得此更新項目。

Apple 發佈 Time Machine、AirPort Update 1.0

Time MachineAirPort

Apple 在週三發佈了 Time Machine 與 AirPort Update 1.0。您可以使用系統內建的“軟體更新”或從 Apple 網站下載更新項目。

This update is recommended for all users and includes compatibility improvements for using Time Machine with Time Capsule, as well as AirPort driver fixes.

Apple 是在一月份舉行的 MWSF 2008 中介紹了 Time Capsule,最近已在美國出貨。