Lion USB 隨身碟和 Lion Recovery

Mac OS X Lion 現在可從 Mac App Store 下載進行升級,大小約 4GB (跟從 iTunes Store 中一部 HD 影片的大小相近)。可是,如果使用者的家裡、公司或學校沒有寬頻網路來進行下載呢?

Users who do not have broadband access at home, work or school can download Lion at Apple retail stores and later this August, Lion will be made available on a USB thumb drive through the Apple Store® ( for $69 (US).

Apple 的這篇新聞稿提到,八月起,Apple 將在零售商店販售 Lion 的 USB 隨身碟,價格為 $69 美元。

不過只要你有連接乙太網路或 Wi-Fi 網路,若想要重新安裝 Lion、修復磁碟或甚至從 Time Machine 備份進行回復,應該都用不到這個 Lion 隨身碟 (或安裝光碟),別忘了 Lion Recovery 這項 OS X Lion 的新功能。

OS X Lion includes a new feature called Lion Recovery that includes all of the tools you need to reinstall Lion, repair your disk, and even restore from a Time Machine backup without the need for optical discs.