Instagram 玩家的 10 招

不少玩家喜歡拿著手機隨走隨拍,對 Instagram 這套拍照軟體應該是耳熟能詳,使用的方式也很簡單,不過如果想要用 Instagram 拍出好的照片,讓照片說話,還是有一些技巧。

4. See the world in Squares: One of the most important considerations to keep on your mind when taking photos with Instagram is the crop factor. Think of the old polaroids – this is what you’ll get with Instagram. Its a sad day indeed when you take a fabulous shot and find yourself unable to work with the Instagram 1×1 crop.

Christina N Dickson 在 Digital Photography School這篇文章提到了 10 個秘訣,讓你的 Instagram 作品更出色、更能感動人,值得看看。