iPhone OS 3.0 軟體更新

iPhone OS 3.0

如同在 WWDC09 期間所提及的,iPhone OS 3.0 Software Update 現在可供下載供所有 iPhone 機型與 iPod touch 使用者使用。
iPhone OS 3.0

iPhone 3GS“iPhone OS 3.0 軟體更新”是一項主要更新,包含了超過一百項的新功能,如下所列:

  • Cut, Copy & Paste with shake to undo
  • Landscape keyboard in key applications
  • Enhanced Messages application
    – Send and receive photos, contacts, audio files, and location via MMS*
    – Forward and delete single or multiple messages

  • Added search feature in Mail, Calendar, Notes and iPod
  • Spotlight search across iPhone
  • Support for CalDAV and subscriptions in Calendar
  • Improvements to Safari
    – Performance
    – HTML 5 support
    – HTTP Streaming audio and video
    – Auto-fill usernames and passwords

  • New Voice Memos application
  • Sync Notes with a Mac or PC via iTunes
  • Internet Tethering over USB and Bluetooth*
  • Browse and download movies, TV shows, and audiobooks from the iTunes Store**
  • Stereo Bluetooth***
  • Wi-Fi auto login
  • Enhanced Stocks application
  • More Parental Control options for Apps, Music, Movies and TV Shows
  • iTunes account creation and login**
  • YouTube account login and access to subscriptions, ratings and favourites**
  • Shake to shuffle
  • New languages, dictionaries, and keyboards
  • Find my iPhone and Remote Wipe via MobileMe (subscription required)**
  • Support for more Exchange policies
  • Create and send Exchange meeting invitations
  • Search mail on server (Exchange SErver 2007 and supported IMAP servers)
  • Search LDAP company directory
  • VPN on demand and VPN proxy support
  • Encrypted configuration profiles
  • Encrypted iTunes backups
  • 1,000 new developer APSs, including:
    – In App Purchases
    – Apple Push Notification Service
    – Accessories support
    – Pear to Pear Connectivity
    – Embedded Maps
    – iPod Library Access

  • Bug fixes

* 僅與 iPhone 3G 和 iPhone 3G S 相容,且需有無線網路服務供應商的支援。
** 僅適用於部份地區或部份語言。
*** 僅與 iPhone 3G 和 iPhone 3G S 相容。
iPhone How ToApple 也在線上公佈了完整的 iPhone 操作指南,建議您花些時間閱讀,讓 iPhone 的功能發揮得更淋漓盡致。
如需功能介紹與完整說明,請參閱 iPhone 的使用者手冊
iPod touch software 3.0 也可供 iPod touch 使用者使用,升級價格為 $9.95 美元。
invisibleSHIELD我們建議替您的 iPhone 3GiPhoneiPod touch 以及其他電子玩意添購 invisibleSHIELD,以避免意外的刮痕。invisibleSHIELD 與其他保護套不同,並不會讓您行動裝置顯得笨重或增加厚度。
我們不建議對 iPhone 或 iPod touch 進行非原廠許可或授權的修改 (jailbreaking),以免影響服務支援保固與使用品質。
link: New features in iPhone OS 3.0 Software Update (Apple.com)