RAM 與 HDD 空間的類比

Antony's Zed desk
Antony’s new Zed desk

Fraser Speirs 寫了篇有趣的文章 “An analogy for RAM and HDD space“,將記憶體與硬碟容量讓一般人容易混淆的地方,做了個簡單的類比,這樣解釋清楚又好懂,還不容易忘。

把記憶體想像成您材質不拘的實體“桌面”,桌面大小有限,想要在桌上放上更多要處理的文件,那就買張更大面積的桌子 (Antony 之前就換了張更大的桌子);而把硬碟想像成您的“檔案櫃”,平常用不著的文件就放在檔案櫃,要處理的文件,就必須拿出放在“桌面”上 (就好像載入程式或開啟檔案),挺有趣的:

Think of RAM as your physical wooden-or-formica desktop. It has a certain fixed size and, if you want to work on paper documents, you have to have them on your desk. The number of documents and books you can work on at once is limited by the size of your desk….
Think if your hard disk as your filing cabinet. It can hold many more paper documents than your desk, but you can’t work on a document while it’s hanging in a drawer….

link: An analogy for RAM and HDD space (Fraser Speirs)