Yahoo! Messenger 3.0b1

Yahoo! Messenger

UniversalYahoo! Messenger for Mac 推出 3.0 版 beta 版本供使用者下載試用,這個版本是 Universal Binary 的程式,因此 Intel-based Mac 的使用者亦可在其電腦上使用。未來也打算新增與 (MSN) Messenger 的支援。其餘更新內容可參閱官方網站。

  • Entirely new user interface written in Cocoa designed specifically for the Mac OS X operating system
  • Yahoo! Avatars and Display Images
  • Custom stealth settings
  • Webcam support, compatible across PCs and Macs
  • Custom Status messages, including links to music tracks
  • Animated sign-in, sign-out, and contact list
  • All new sound effects
  • Visual notifications with support for the Growl global notification system
  • Alerts for Yahoo! Calendar, Mail and Personals
  • Coming soon: In the future, support for interoperability with Windows Live (MSN) Messenger
  • link 1: Yahoo! Messenger for Mac (official site)
    link 2: Yahoo! Messenger for Mac 3.0b1 推出 (歡迎加入 OIKOS 討論串)