Cyberduck 2.6 送貨快遞鴨


Universal如果要找個 FTP 工具,Transmit 這部卡車與 Fetch 這隻小狗狗,都是很不錯的選擇;不過若您想要的目標是免費的軟體,那麼 Cyberduck 這個免費、開放源碼的 FTP/SFTP 程式,便是您在 Mac OS X 上的最佳選擇之一。Cyberduck 向來的口碑挺不錯,功能齊全,且運作良好、穩定,也提供了 Dashboard widget、Growl 通知、以及與 Quicksilver 的整合。


最近推出的 2.6 版新增了軟體自動更新、Dashboard widget、改良的傳輸記錄抽屜、連線失敗可選擇使用網路診斷、增加 Growl 通知的項目…等等。

  • Turkish Localization
  • Automatic software udpate with Sparkle.framework
  • Dashboard Widget included
  • Marking write-only and non-accessible directories with special icon as in
  • Reintroduced transcript drawer in browser window
  • Added transcript drawer to transfer window
  • Option to use Network Diagnostics upon failed connections
  • New ‘Download failed’ and ‘Upload failed’ Growl notifications
  • Display alert icon in connection dialog if server name cannot be resolved
  • Indicate estimated remaining time left for transfers
  • New non-blocking alert boxes replace modal sheets
  • link 1: Cyberduck (official site)
    link 2: Transmit 3.5.1 與 widget (applewoods, Feb 11, 2006)
    link 3: OneButton FTP 簡單易用 (applewoods, Feb 6, 2006)