QuickTime 轉轉樂

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Movie Whirl

Universal這是什麼玩意兒?Movie Whirl 是個簡單的程式,只要 QuickTime 能播放的影片就能來個天旋地轉;僅需要連按兩下 Movie Whirl 的圖示,您開啟的影片就能以 90 度旋轉呈現。


如果需要旋轉 180 度呢?如法炮製,就連按兩下 Movie Whirl 圖示兩次就可以了!夠酷吧!免費的軟體,適用於 Panther 與 Tiger、PPC 與 Intel-based、QuickTime 6 與 7。

This product has been tested at works with OSX 10.3 to 10.4.5 and Processors; Power PC G3, G4, G5. and Dual Core Intel based Macs.
We also tested both Quicktime v 6.0 and 7.0. All versions and Processor Types all work great.


link: Movie Whirl (offcial page)