Apple Mail: 不完美但夠創新?

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Apple Mail 2.0

Macworld 刊了一篇針對 Apple 內建的郵件程式 Mail 2.0 的評論 (看文章↗),並且給了一個簡評的副標題:”Apple’s new email program is imperfect but innovative”。文章中提到 Mail 2.0 的優點:智慧型信箱 (Smart mailbox) 是個創新的方式供使用者動態地管理郵件 (所謂的智慧型信箱其實並沒有儲存任何郵件,它僅是儲存搜尋結果,並且每次你點選它時,會自動更新最新的搜尋結果)、此外與其它蘋果官方程式,如 iCal、iChat、iPhoto…等等整合良好,並且有誘人的使用者介面 (這其實是見仁見智,有些使用者就蠻討厭新的介面而想要變更它…)


Flawed search function
Mail 2’s Find feature now uses Spotlight, but Mail itself doesn’t give you access to much of Spotlight’s amazing power. For example, you can’t simply search for messages by date, or by multiple search terms. And now the Find feature is awkward to use. As soon as you type a few letters in the Find field, Mail starts listing messages without waiting to learn where you want it to look. You used to be able to tell Mail where to look before it started looking, but now you have to let it start first, and then stop it and correct things. Dumb.

link: Macworld Review: Mail 2.0